Purpose of an Essence.

What is the purpose of an essence? I’d like to believe it is a solid reminder of our past in our present to build our future. Whether you are entering a coffee shop, the mall, or your own home, an essence is always left behind. Of the people who were once there, the events the once took plae, or the memories the miraculously manifested themselves to the better part of a mind, all of those things leave an essence. So this blog though unorthodox and nontraditional, though deep and at times spiritual is about leaving an essence and one bit at a time, revealing your own.

In this blog I wish only to share my ideals and encourage the power of spirit and thought, perplexing the former nature of yesterday into changing the nature of today for that helps make a better tomorrow. In this blog, where in life I fail, I want to let my heart and mind open, allowing others to do the same. Freeing us from the sharp shackles of our fears and spreading the wings of our wild and willing wonder, permitting our ascent amongst others, inspiring them to do the same. I mean we do feel each others joy as much as we do their pain.

So as you read take yourself from the throne of sticks poking your perception to that of social acceptance and bring yourself to a point when you once wished someone to inspire you or intrigue you would exist. Once this is done put yourself in my place (This is much easier than you would think being you have not the slightest clue of my being, So let imagination run wild!), Feel my essence through my words, the emotion in my vocabulary, the setting of vision, and the plot of my purpose. Then just let go, This is less about a world change than it is about the major change of the one person sitting by your side reading this very sentence, You.

I am Day maker, A 20 year old Missouri native, with a passion for joy and a joy for evolution inside and out. I hope in someway I can Invigorate your heart and empower your spirit. If not, I will keep trying until the Day is Made. So, enjoy and Welcome To The Essence.


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