You ever get that feeling in your stomach when witnessing something unjust? When you are abandoned? Afraid and anger that you are afraid?

I like to call that feeling the fire. As a 20 year old male from Saint Louis, Missouri, I almost feel it everyday. When I was younger when I felt this fire I felt destroyed. I felt that everything and everyone i had come across was just destined for failure because this thirsty, thirsty flame inside kept burning me alive. It wasn’t until I was much older i realized this flame, this fire wasn’t an obstacle to my progression it was fuel to the biggest fire of them all, The fire of the mind.

And I’ll tell you what that fire of the mind is the most powerful force in existence. It is the thing that thinks, controls, and mediates everything you do at almost one simultaneous time all day everyday. And because of the fear of hunting down its fuel inside this flame dwindles and fades, forgotten as its smoldering smoke powers the rest of life. I don’t blame them, because I know how tough it can be to fuel a fire when it keeps raining on your kindling. I know how hard it is to see the light when your eyes are closed in a dark room. One thing Ill Say with no regard is that we all keep seeking this light, we all keep straining to fan the flame of the mind not realizing its all inside. Every hope, every wish, every answer, every strength is buried inside of the flames of the mind waiting for us to be brave enough to reach into that flame. In the thundering, thick of the storm of peril, in the descending, daunting darkness of doubt, and in the uneasy, unforgiving uncertainty of the next second all have one thing in common, The sun still shines and the flame can still burn. I have a theory. Whilst working at my former job at the United States Post Office, I have a conversation with one of the older gentlemen there who had a near death experience. When I asked him what he saw he said the same old cliche, “A Light”. Me being curious on why the light always seemed to be at the end of a tunnel, I asked him just that,

“at the end of a tunnel?”

“No,” he responds, ” more light a giant star shining its rays of light toward you as if they belonged to you more than they belonged to it.”

Upon hearing this a giant grin came upon my face. Just 2 weeks before this i question whether the light was freedom fought for to the end of a tunnel, or the light was a bright and shining star free from the day of birth. I knew then again, I reached into that flame unscathed at the skin, yet more healed at the heart. So my theory is maybe for every star there is a sentient, purposeful being somewhere in the universe, and when we see the light we see the one star our consciousness originates from before taking another form to visit it again later, every time increasing in size from everything we’ve experience. There isn’t any proof of this theory or and support but that is what my fire inside tells me and that is what comforts me to succeed. because the fire of the mind is a star shining bright just like our sun. And like our sun, just because there are clouds in the sky doesn’t mean its not still shining. It always is until its very Last Day. So as one of my favorite song lyrics from a band by the name of Crown The Empire says “The only way to shine a light, is in the dark…Never let life kill your spark.”

So embrace the fire, keep fighting to shine, this world will change it must for what does not evolve and change…dies. Use life as your flint and ignite because without those sparks, we would never have a flame.

Just imagine where would we be without our minds.


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